Picket Pin - by: plugs



The Picket Pin is one of those fly patterns that has stood the test of time. Developed as a trout fly for western waters in the early 1900’s (1910-1915) by Jack Boeme. the fly became legendary as highly effective brook trout pattern. It is one of those patterns that lends it’s self to tinkering. Experiment yourself, change the hackle color, use different fur and replace the peacock herl body with dubbing, tinsel, etc. It is a generic hair wing design that can be modified in so many ways. Although I like the more traditional version pictured here, a version with a white calf tail wing instead of the squirrel tail has shown quite a bit of promise in the past few seasons. The fly can also be greased and fished as a dry fly. It is buggy enough that it is a good imitation for a lot of terrestrial insects. It imitates everything from hoppers and crickets to beetles, cicadas, moths and large flies such as horse flies.:

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Nice description on this one. Thanks for supplying that.