Release 2.0 - Community



Release 2.0 - Community

Hello Everyone. This is another major release for Sacred Fly with the introduction of Community. I listened to your feedback, which essentially was “The value of a fly pattern repository is the community around it”. Here are some of the details …


  • Community Forums - Full forum/discussion capability integrated seamlessly (accounts, comments, etc) with the main site.

  • Revamped Pattern Comments - Completely redesigned the comments system on Sacred Fly to integrate with Community. New patterns created on Sacred Fly will automatically have a new thread created in the #fly-patterns category with the comments section of your pattern integrating with that thread (see below).

Thank you for all of your feedback. Keep them coming in #feedback-support.



Nice release. Looking forward to more updates.


Thanks @hellothere. Actually working on a new release now. Long time coming. Lots of new updates and additions to help build the community! Thanks for checking it out.